About myself

Hello Everyone,

I am Gary Triv, I am currently working as Principal engineering lead for Microsoft and I am very passionate about Networking, Security and Tech in general, I have done masters in Information Technology and Bachelors in Computer science and Engineering, but most of what I have learn in my life is via work experience and dozens of certification I have done over years. I am being with Microsoft for over 11 years now and prior to that I did consulting work for few years for companies like Aetna, Staples, Zurich Insurance Group etc.

Past few months, I am learning on Azure networking AZ 700 and CCIE Data center technologies and I felt while I am going through this journey, I can share what I am learning and write article about it and may be someone else can be benefited from this work, so I am here.

To be ultra clear, I want to ensure that people who read my blogs or articles, these articles/blogs reflect my own thought/experience/learnings, not representation of company I work for or using any AI based tool to write or generate any of this content, they are just my “Raw” thought and the way I have learned and this is the way I wanted to share, so I am doing this my own way and on my own personal website, no affiliation what so ever.

If you feel any of my articles/blog have help you in anyway or you have feedback for me, please feel free to share at support@garytriv.com, I will appreciate that, No business or marketing solicitation please!

My current certifications-

Thank you!, I hope this is useful for most of my readers.

Gary Triv